She danced in the waves leapt with joy Sand fed through her fingers smiling in the sunset The edge of the world

And left the salt and the long rolling waves Ranks of breakers and the soft floor While the Sun boiled in the ocean

The clouds highway Weather and river Valley full of farms Two tall towers stood Into the hills

She slept like a charm Tentative child Speaker to dragons Uncertain sapling From the old uncertain tree

She dressed formally labeled her case, folder and stand Waited patiently left and watched I waded into the new place

Her nervousness witnessed by her mother where do we go Where do I sit where do I find my paper Over here

In the sanctuary Dozens of children Tuned up chaotic notes Alone and different Until a wand raised

In the sanctuary Dozens of children Played a single note Beautiful and They know

And I watched her write on the score And speak to the neighbor playing next-door and raise her horn, posture strong

Dozens of children Who had not met Began to play As though they had known each other forever Ode to Joy

She was back there again In the saltwater beach Jumping in the waves wind in her hair and I wept

Her tribe puts the mist in a spiderweb Stacks the kernels on the grain Hangs the snow on the mountains The trees on a slope Booming big as the sea and quiet as the smallest spring her tribe is gentle and strong Stronger than me